About us

Urbopaws is not only an online pet boutique where you can get your pup an amazing and loving gift. This is a group of friends and colleagues, dog and fashion lovers, who want to share the best for your furry friend. Urbopaws is not only about the latest trends in canine couture and accessories but also where you can find interesting and important tips as well as information for your chic pup.


Maria, Ruben & Jose know each other more than 10 years. We have put together various projects in advertising and technology. But since a while ago we started to develop this dream where we can share our love for our pup friends.


For most of our lives, we have been graced with the company of loving pups. Maria & Jose enjoyed almost 12 years of Treacle & Coco. Two loving and amazing brindle boxers who changed their lives forever. They miss them terribly but their love and memories prevail.


Recently, they rescued Jingles & Noel. Two chihuahua mix cuties! They were found abandoned in the streets when they were only a few days old. Fortunately, they survived and found a loving home. Their motto: play, eat, sleep and repeat.



Ruben is Tosca's hero. She is a playful and loving mix. He rescued her from a miserable situation to give her a loving life. Tosca is not only his house mate, she is already his best companion ever. They love going for long stralls during weekends to the countryside. 


These beautiful pups are our daily inspiration and drive. They are the real Urbopaws creators. We want you to enjoy our experience. We want you to feel special. We want you to say Woof là là!